Troubleshooting guide

"It keeps kicking us out/removing us from the game" 
You will see on the intro page there is instructions for how passwords work in this game, once you are in the foyer you will need to solve the first puzzle, when you click "Click Here To Solve Unlock". This will be the 4 letter answer from solving the first puzzle. It isn't kicking you out, it's just asking for the answer to the puzzle. 
Not accepting your login password? 
Make sure to double-check the password carefully and enter it without any spaces before or after it. 
Can't find your license key? 
Look in your email inbox for an email from SendOwl that will have a PDF with your link and login details on. 
Puzzle not accepting answer? 
Double-check your solution and try again! If you get stuck just use the clue buttons on the page 
Having issues with videos displaying? 
Check which browser you are using and that you have the latest updates installed. In order to view the videos, your security settings need to allow access 
Can't hear the videos? 
If you are using Zoom (or other video chat app) to screen share, this doesn't allow for sharing the audio from your device so others won't be able to hear it. We would recommend all logging into the site on separate devices and chatting via zoom instead. 
An image on the screen doesn't seem to be loading properly? 
This can be due to connection issues, try pressing Ctrl+F5 on the page to refresh it and the image will load.
"We are on the last puzzle and the interactive game isn't displaying for us"
This will be either a security setting or a compatibility issue with your device. For this game we recommend using Laptop/PC for optimal performance, some iOS devices may be incompatible. Either switch devices or get someone in your team who has a compatible device to take the lead and share their screen to you so that you can see and solve it with them.

Still got an issue? Email us!